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Facility and Technology Updates

Hi Parents/Guardians

I wanted to let you know about some new information and Updates regarding upgrades to school facility and technologies:

  • English Classes: All students will have a computer to use in class with next years New Adopted Curriculum.
  • Math/Science: Classes will have enough computers for more than 1/2 of the students in their classes.
  • Social Studies: Classes have a full computer cart to use or have access to one of three Computer labs on campus. 
  • We have 3 Full Classroom Sets for each Computer Lab on Campus.  
  • All Electives have either a full classroom set of computers or access to a full set.
  • We have approximately 250 computers for 6th grade, over 200 for 7th grade and over 200 for 8th grade in classes.
  • We will be adding Two (2) Large Screen Monitors in the Cafeteria to help students remember announcements and other important information that is necessary re: Campus Expectations, Activities, Reminders and much more.
  • Offices are going through a modernized make-over to enhance a more positive environment.
  • Digital Marquee has been added to increase and enhance our communications with School to Home.
  • A New Computer Based Elective has been added to encourage and support "creative production" in the area of coding and web design.  
  • Apple Based IPAD with Stylus option for our Digital Art elective class.  
  • Adding more Boe-Bots to our Computer Technology elective class to increase and encourage more coding/programming robotic hardware.  

It is our hope and plan to continue to stay up on new technologies that provide students with another avenue of learning for the 21st Century Career.  

We will continue to communicate new information as we receive it. 

Thank you for your support

Mr. Bennett