September 16, 2019
Today’s schedule is 345612
Thank you for those who attended our first Saturday Academy. The raffle winners for those who participated are:
Livia Oseguera
Samera Jackson
Andrew Duarte
Andrew Jimenez
Natalie Martinez
Elizabeth Schuller
Ignacio Gonzales
Karla Aguilera
Maria Nunez
Christopher Norris
Ninel Oseguera
Dallas Caldwell
Evelyn Rodriguez
David Resendez
Jakob Serrano
Congratulations to our winners! Come down to the front office to claim your prize!
Mark your Binder Reminders with our next Saturday Academy on October 5th for another chance to win more prizes!
Next Monday, September 23, the Kona Ice truck will be in the quad during all 3 lunches. This is a special, one-day only event! Bring $3-$6 if you want to buy anything!
This Friday's Spirit Day is school colors or a school shirt! Also, don't forget that if you'd like to order a school spirit or QVMS kindness shirt, you can do it online until September 25th. See the ASB office if you need the website to order from.
If you're planning on going to the Masquerade Ball dance next Tuesday, September 24, then you can start buying your tickets in the ASB office this Thursday. Tickets will be for sale before school and at lunches. 6th grade dance party tickets are $1. 7/8th grade tickets for the after school dance that ends at 5pm will be $3. There will also be masquerade masks you can purchase for $1 or $2. Please wait to wear the masks at the dance only- not at school- or they will have to be confiscated. There will also be a snack bar at the dance where everything is $1! Don't miss out!
In order to raise money for the upcoming soccer season, the Quail Valley Boys’ soccer team will be hosting a penalty kick shootout on Friday, Sept. 27th. All students and adults are welcome to participate. The cost is $10.00 per shooter, paid to the ASB office by Tuesday, Sept. 24th. There will even be a semi-pro goalie in the goal. If you have any questions, please see Coach Autumn.
The Game Room will now be open for students that have earned 5 QVMS Tickets. Please bring your tickets to the CSC in the morning to sign up for the game room and bring a friend to enjoy it with. Game Room is only open certain days so be sure to sign up quickly before spots fill up! The first day that the game room is open is TODAY!!!! September 4!
Students: Remember that breakfast is FREE for ALL students, but you must come & get it as soon as you are on campus (either right off the bus or if you get dropped off). Please do not wander around talking with friends & then run in to the cafeteria at the last minute which then causes you to be late to class. Please go and get breakfast promptly.
The only time to use the vending machines is during passing period, lunchtime, and before/after school- not during class. If you use these machines during passing period, you cannot be late to class. Please understand that having these vending machines on campus is a privilege, so if students are using them at the wrong times or late to class, the rules for these will be changed. Make responsible choices and get your snacks at the right time, QVMS! :)
If you attend any of the Serrano football home games, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Anyone under the age of 14 who attends the games without a parent or other adult may be sent home.
Serrano Varsity Homes Games
* 10/11 & 17th (this is a Thursday and it will be their Homecoming game)
* 11/1
Blue ticket drawing winners:
Adrian Alfonso, Evelyn Serrano, Jordan Nelson, Harmonii Johnson, Ruben Perez
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