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Education Code for Absences

PARENT  Updates:  

  • MAKE UP WORK FOR STUDENT ABSENCES: If a student is ill for 3 or more school days, homework may be requested through the office.  Assignments will be provided within 2 days or 48 hours of the request. Students who have been absent from school ARE RESPONSIBLE to check with their teachers as to missed assignments for excused absences.  A student is granted time equivalent to the number of excused days absent to make up missed assignments.      "From Page 2 of the Binder Reminder"                                                                                       
  • If your student is absent and you call in on the day they are absent, missed assignments will not be available until after they return unless your student will be out longer, then upon request, they will be available after 2 days or 48 hours  from the time the request has been received.  Thank you.
AFTER SCHOOL EVENTS Expectations at Athletic event.

If you are attending a club, you must be with and supervised by your club staff advisor.
If you are attending an athletic event, (such as a home basketball this month)--below are the expectations.

1. Tickets are $1 for middle school students or 50 cents if you have a Renaissance Card.
2. You must enter the gym immediately afterschool and once inside, you must stay in the gym until you are picked up by parents. You may not exit & re-enter as supervision is only assigned inside the gym. Once it is dark outside, parents must come to the gym doors for your release-we will not allow students to wander in to the parking lot after dark to look for their ride--so please notify your parents that they must park and then come to the gym doors to get you.
3. Restrooms inside the gym are open for your use.
4. Water is the only drink/food allowed inside the gym.
5. Since athletic events are school sponsored activities, all school rules still apply (dress code, no chewing gum, appropriate behavior/language,etc).
6. Students must be picked up promptly (within 10 to 15 minutes) after the final game.
7. Violation of expectations may result in your parent being called to pick you up early as well as eliminating you from attending future events (which we don't want to happen!)

It's the Law.....
  • Parents: For safety and security reasons, students may NOT be released from school or be given personal messages by people listed as a contact on your child's emergency card.  Students will only be released to a parent or legal guardian unless prior notice has been provided to the school.  A notice means typed and signed for school.
  •  Please be sure to update the school emergency card with accurate phone #'s in case you need to be contacted.

*****Also if you have had a CHANGE of ADDRESS or PHONE Number or      EMAIL,  please make sure you notify the front office.  This is very important if an emergency were to come up, we would need to get in touch with the parents.  PLEASE check with the office to make any corrections.  Thank you so much.