October 30, 2019
Today’s schedule is 456123
Come and join us at our Science Olympiad meetings every Tuesday after school from 3:45-4:30 in room G-3 (MS. Baldwin's room).
Congratulations to the Science Olympiad Officers that were voted in at yesterday's meeting:
President - Trevor Mello
Vice President - Brycen Ziler
Treasurer - Robert Granados
Co-Secretaries - Aubrey Walker and AshLee Burg
Ghost grams are being sold on the outside stage before school this week until Thursday. They are 50 cents each and will be delivered on Thursday during school. The only time you can buy them at lunch will be on Wednesday. Order yours today!
Remember those purple kindness cards that you received during a lesson on Community Day last week? Your goal is to complete them and turn them in to the ASB office tomorrow during lunch! Make our world a better place and spread some kindness!
Our next dress-up spirit day is Thursday, October 31. If you'd like to participate and wear a costume, just make sure it doesn't have blood or gore. Also, please don't bring masks to school on this day. But, this is an opportunity for you to be creative!! As always, dress code applies. If you have a question as to whether your costume is appropriate, ask ahead of time.
Kona Ice is coming back to Quail tomorrow! This time, they'll have 2 trucks selling. It's also Eat Lunch with Your Kid day, so if your family comes to have lunch with you, they can buy you some Kona Ice! Bring $3-$6 if you want to have some.
Are you trying to improve your grades? H-10 will be open Tuesday through Friday for tutoring to help. Come in at 8:25am and sign-in. If you ride the bus, just come anyway! We can help you check your work before you turn it in. Remember: Tutoring in H-10, Tuesday through Friday, starting at 8:25am.
Students--Have you been at school every day since the 1st day of school (or made up that absence by attending a Saturday Academy)?
If you think that you are one of the 337 students who attended all 44 days of 1st Quarter, check for your name on the lists posted on the main office & SSO office windows.
If your name is listed, come in to the SSO (with your ID card) to claim your candy!
Congratulations and keep up the GREAT attendance!
If you are registered for the 8th grade East Coast trip, AND you are participating in the telethon fundraiser, you need to show Ms. Mankins your "List of 20" and pick up your STEP 2 handout ASAP!! Go to Room H6 with your List of 20 as soon as you can.
Attention all 8th graders NOT signed-up for the East Coast trip in June 2020: The trip has changed. It is now a 7day trip. This change has lowered the price. We are still visiting the cities of New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. If your parents/guardians are still considering sending you on this trip, you can sign-up anytime ONLINE. If you need the information for signing-up, go see Ms. Mankins in room H6!
Chess Club -- Come learn to play the game of Kings. Chess Club meets Tuesdays in room H5 starting at 8:15. All levels are welcome - we will teach those who don't know how to play.
Academic Pentathlon -- Come check out Academic Pentathlon. Compete against other schools in academics. Earn medals, trophies and bragging rights. Maybe even go to Magic Mountain. Your grades may not matter. In fact, if your grades aren’t the best, we probably want you! Come to Academic Pentathlon Wednesday morning at 8:00. 6th grade meet in Ms. Baldwin’s room G-3, 7th/8th grade meet in Mr. Hayes’ room, H-3. See you there!
Science Olympiad – meets every Tuesday after school from 3:45-4:30pm in Ms. Baldwin’s room G-3. Please arrange for a parent to pick you up from school at 4:30 after our meeting.
Blue ticket drawing winners:
Jorge Perez, Larissa Chavez, Samson Zilius, Evelyn Moreno, Rebecca York
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