Announcements 11/1/19

November 1, 2019
Today’s schedule is 234561
Library is closed today
Remember those purple kindness cards that you received during a lesson on Community Day last week? Your goal is to complete them and turn them in today! Please turn them in to the ASB office. Make our world a better place and spread some kindness!
Are you trying to improve your grades? H-10 will be open Tuesday through Friday for tutoring to help. Come in at 8:25am and sign-in. If you ride the bus, just come anyway! We can help you check your work before you turn it in. Remember: Tutoring in H-10, Tuesday through Friday, starting at 8:25am.
Students—Check the list on the office window to see if you are one of the 337 students that have been at school every day since the 1st day of school. If you missed a day but made it up at a Saturday Academy it still counts. If your name is on that list, come in to the SSO (with your ID card) to claim your candy!
Congratulations and keep up the GREAT attendance!
If you are an 8th grader going on the east coast trip AND you are participating in the telethon, go pick up your next script in H6.
Attention all 8th graders NOT signed-up for the East Coast trip in June 2020: The trip has changed. It is now a 7day trip. This change has lowered the price. We are still visiting the cities of New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. If your parents/guardians are still considering sending you on this trip, you can sign-up anytime ONLINE. If you need the information for signing-up, go see Ms. Mankins in room H6!
Chess Club -- Come learn to play the game of Kings. Chess Club meets Tuesdays in room H5 starting at 8:15. All levels are welcome - we will teach those who don't know how to play.
Academic Pentathlon – meets Wednesday mornings at 8:00. 6th grade meet in Ms. Baldwin’s room G-3, 7th/8th grade meet in Mr. Hayes’ room, H-3. See you there!
Science Olympiad – meets every Tuesday after school from 3:45-4:30pm in Ms. Baldwin’s room G-3. Please arrange for a parent to pick you up from school at 4:30 after our meeting.
Blue ticket drawing winners:
Elizabeth Stait-Gardner, Jenyka Marquez, Troy Robbins, Aubrey Wise, Jackeline Baca
Today's Joke of the Day.....
From Ms. Rebecca in 6th grade
Never trust an atom - they make up everything!
If you have a good, clean joke you’d like read on the morning announcements, write it out on a full sheet of paper with your name & grade and submit it to Mrs. Canchola in the SSO office.
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