October 16, 2018

Today’s schedule is 5713

If you sold 15 or more items through our fundraiser last month, the game truck will be here Wednesday, 10/17.  You can go on the game truck for all 3 lunches! If you sold 5 or more items, the party will also be on Wednesday during the last period of the day in the cafeteria.  Please check in with your teachers before the party. There is a list of those eligible to attend outside of the ASB office.

This Friday is Heavenly Hats Day! Bring $1 to get a ticket that lets you wear your hat/beanie/head covering in class. Plus, all of the money raised will help those battling Cancer, by getting them hats! Tickets will be sold on the front stage and ASB office Weds-Friday!

Just a reminder that breakfast food must stay in the cafeteria in the morning.  If you are going to save an item such as a granola bar or pop tart for later in the morning, please put it away in your backpack before leaving the cafeteria in the morning.

Students--We are keeping track of attendance by grade level and are working on some great rewards for the grade level that has the best attendance.  We are also going to take in to account if students attend a Saturday Academy & give additional credit for those students who made up absences on those days! Also--we are continuing our grade level challenge again this year.  

If there is ONE day when every single student in a grade level is here--we have something special planned for your ENTIRE grade level.  More information is coming soon--but bottom line....Be at school every day! Attendance today, equals Achievement tomorrow!

The big Blue Recycling containers around campus are NOT trashcans.  Please do not put food or trash in them. They are for water bottles or aluminum cans only (no paper trash).  The money that is collected from recycling goes directly back to students to sponsor events such as field trips.  Please respect the blue bins.

Did you run out of paper?  Forget your pencil at home?  Never fear, the Student Store is here!  Come down to the ASB office to purchase basic school supplies for only $0.25 or $0.50 each.  

Did you know that Quail Valley has both a Facebook and an Instagram page?  Follow us @qvmscougars to stay up to date with all that is going on at Quail.


Adventure Club -- If you are registered for the East Coast DC trip, there is an Adventure Club Meeting this Friday, October 19, from 8-8:30 in H6

Chess Club -- meets every Tuesday morning from 8:15-8:55 am in room H5 H2 this week.

Christian Club –meets every Tuesday after school from 3:45 – 4:30 in room E-2

Drawing Club – meets Wednesdays after school from 3:45 – 4:30 in room H-7.

Ski & Snowboard Club – If you are interested in joining the ski/snowboard club, see Ms. Lovingood in I-4 for an informational flyer.

QVMS ticket drawing winners:

Arturo Varelas

David Green

Aliyah Franklin

Danya Concepcion

Konnor Roberts

Claim your prize at the Cougar Support Center

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