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Announcements 8/23/19

August 23, 2019
Today’s schedule is 612345

Please be respectful and pick up your breakfast & lunch trash. We have had a lot of trash left behind and thrown on the ground & under tables in our 1st week of school. Please pick up your area and keep it clean while eating. If you spill, let an adult know so we can get it cleaned up quickly. We've also found a lot of Tapatio,Tajin, & sauce packets thrown on the ground, so be sure to put those in the trash or they could be eliminated. Please help keep our campus clean!

Please do not go to the SSO during passing period. If it is not before school, lunch, or after school, check in with your next teacher first and get a pass to go to the SSO. No items are sold during passing period. Thank you!

Don't forget that our school fundraiser is taking place NOW until September 4! Setup your online account to send out emails and easily have people you know participate. All you need is to sell 5 items to get to the MEGA Party or 15 items to go to the Video Game Truck! Even selling just 1 item will get you $20 cougar cash and a candy bar.

Any students interested in running on the cross country team can still join the team.~ Practice is every morning at 7:15.

The only time to use the vending machines is during passing period, lunchtime, and before/after school- not during class. If you use these machines during passing period, you cannot be late to class. Please understand that having these vending machines on campus is a privilege, so if students are using them at the wrong times or late to class, the rules for these will be changed. Make responsible choices and get your snacks at the right time, QVMS! :)
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